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Our Story


Shaun has had a passion for good wholesome food ever
since he was a child.

He trained at Ipswich Catering College, achieving NVQ 3. He then moved to Henley-on-Thames, and joined a fantastic team at the Henley Regatta, a 13 restaurant country house. He carefully worked his way up the ranks of a very busy kitchen to Junior Sous Chef and was well respected by his peers and Head Chef.

Throughout this time, Shaun's passion for wholesome 'health foods' grew. He learned that a specialist diet could fully balance his Crohns, without using pharmaceutical interventions. Always keen to cook delicious foods, Shaun then began experimenting with cooking delicious 'normal' meals, sweets and savouries which used rice flour and other alternatives. Gluten and Dairy free.

Shaun was becomming increasingly aware of natural and health foods, and thus his desire to start his own business was born... 4 years later Simply Delicious is tickling his taste buds, and together with his wife Danielle he is thoroughly enjoying sharing his love for fine foods...


Danielle grew up in the local village of Middleton. She has lovely memories of supporting her parents in their Village Store and Tea Rooms, and finds it interesting that she has also followed a similar route with Shaun. Danielle's interest in 'whole-foods' has grown in the last 12 years. Together Danielle and Shaun have explored the world of exclusion diets to bring about optimum health, striving always to achieve fantastic taste - ALWAYS!

Danielle works as an Occupational Therapist, but is also currently training to become a homeopath, with the aim of supporting her family with health and wellness naturally.


Shaun and Dani Simply Delicious at Helmingham Hall Food Festival Simply Delicious at Helmingham Hall Food Festival